One of the chief reasons for Dell’s remarkable run from start-up to worldwide leader in market share, said Fortune magazine in 2005, is that "Michael Dell surrounded himself with mentors and consultants when he needed to".
Kate Ludeman, author of Alpha Male Syndrome

"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time."
Thomas Edison

"Come to the edge," He said. They said, "We are afraid." "Come to the edge," He said. They came. He pushed them…and they flew."
Guillaume Apollinaire
You Want to BE A Millionaire?
Start ASSOCIATING With Millionaires.
Partner with MARK as your personal real estate investment mentor.
One thing I teach my students is "Leverage Your Time & Focus Your Efforts."
Are You An Experienced Wholesaler Looking To Take It To The Next Level?
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Way To Get Started In Real Estate. Period.
Utilize our team of professionals and work with Mark Rosgen, entrepreneur, investor,
private money lender and mentor, in his limited-availability VIP Apprenticeship program.

This progam is designed for highly motivated go-getters who are interested in building a business for
themselves ... just not by themselves.

Read through this Offer.. and if I receive an application from you, I am assuming you are ready NOW.
Perhaps you have asked yourself this question before: "Why am I not financially where I would like to be?"

No doubt you answered yourself back with something to this effect, "because you're just not lucky" or "because that's for other people" or "you came from a poor background" or even better… "because you're ugly."  Thanks a lot!

Our selves are our worst enemy and if we are to have any success whatsoever we must begin telling our selves who's boss.

The first thing we can do to reclaim our lives for the true champion selves that we really are, is to start asking better questions. We might better ask, "How can I get financially to where I would like to be?"  See the difference?

The former focuses on the negative and the latter on the positive. Whatever you ask yourself … you will get the answer. Start asking yourself every day, "What can I do to become the smashing success that I know I was born to be?"

Asking questions that tap into your subconscious, which never lies to you, but guides you along the most correct and prosperous path, should return an answer something along these lines...
Now let's not kid ourselves friends; there are times when you should NOT follow your heart. It will get you into all types of trouble on occasion. Luckily for you and I … This is not one of those times. You need to listen to the True You on this one and get on the path that leads to your success.

"A good coach will make his players see what they can become rather than what they are."
~ Ara Parseghian
The TRUE Secret To My Success

I attribute probably 50% of my success to MY original mentor in real estate, Preston Ely, whose biggest service to me was showing me what is truly possible. I would've never thought what I'm doing was possible had I not personally witnessed it in his life with my own two eyeballs.
He does the same exact thing I will be teaching you to do and he is on track to make 11 million dollars this year. He has a couple employees and spends zero dollars per year on marketing. Did I mention he's only in his mid-thirties?
All my friends are young millionaires, or millionaire "minded", on their way to the top. You need to surround yourself with these types of people if you hope to experience success for yourself. "He who dwells with the wise will be wise" so goes the proverb. It could be restated with just as much truth as "He who dwells with the prosperous will be prosperous." This is a time proven principle; whoever you hang around - you will become.

Ever notice how you inevitably start picking up all the weird sayings, terminology, and antics as your best friend? Just happens almost automatically doesn't it? Hhmmm. I wonder if we pick up their bad habits and attitudes as well... interesting.
Bottom line - we are a product of our environment. We need to invest our time wisely.

Success is dependent upon the people we associate with and the books we read.
Team Freedom is making money no matter WHAT the market is doing!
Speaking of books, one downside is you can read all the books you want and attend all the seminars in the universe, but without personal guidance and support from someone who is already doing what you want to be doing … You will have a very difficult time. I know I sure did.
Sound good to you? We need to focus our effort on income producing activities to leverage our time.

Then we can create more FREEDOM to TRAVEL, HELP PEOPLE, RETIRE EARLY, and just enjoy LIFE.
Now you may not be new to this industry. You may be an experienced wholesaler who would like to take your game to the next level.

Back to my previous point: You can spend all you want on education … But you need to learn directly from someone who is successful. I spent five years trying to figure out the real estate market before I actually completed a wholesale transaction. I read books, attended seminars, made offers, talked to everyone I could about real estate. But it wasn't until I came under the wing of a VERY successful wholesaler in an apprenticeship-type relationship (very similar to the one I will be providing you with) that I finally started making money.

I replaced my "job" income shortly after starting to work with my newfound "coach". I went on to make a six-figure income my first year as a full time wholesaler.
Which leads me to a question you may be asking yourself -
Just What IS a Wholesaler Anyways?
A real estate wholesaler is anyone who buys or contracts on real estate at low enough prices to where he can quickly re-sell either the house or the contract for a wholesale price leaving room for the buyer to fix it up and sell for a profit.

And we ALWAYS leave lots of room for the next guy.

So in a nutshell, we track down motivated sellers of real estate, make low offers, and then once we have secured a good deal we then sell that house or contract for a profit.

It's not rocket science by any means but it does take some effort and education to be successful at (just like anything else).

So here it is. Pay CLOSE attention because this is NOT like a regular "coaching" program …
What It Is NOT:

Classes, seminars, workbooks, homework, weekly phone calls, etc …

What It IS:

A one-on-one apprenticeship/partnership with Mark for 12 months.
We are doing business together.
What You Get:

1. A Copy of Preston's New eBook
It contains everything you need to know about finding leads which is all you really need to know right up front. Everything else you will learn as we go.
2. Bi-Weekly "Success Tip" Emails From Me Delivered Twice A Month To Your Inbox.

This one thing is worth the cost of admission in and of itself.

These are very personal insights from me containing the REASON for my personal and business success. All of my core beliefs, thoughts, strategies will be yours to implement. Simply do the exact same things that I do - and see what happens.
3. Lead Analysis & Support! Access To Me And My Team!

This is the core of my service to you. I'll help you determine value, make offers, counter offers, and expedite transactions.

For your ever-so-important first year in real estate, you will have the BEST experts in the industry reviewing all your leads, telling you what's good and bad about them, telling you what the houses are worth, giving you the offer amounts, helping you CLOSE the deals, watching over you, and MAKING SURE YOU MAKE ACTUAL REAL MONEY IN THE PROCESS. We basically take you step by step through all your deals.

You will have access to MY title company. They work nationwide and are investor savvy. More and more now title agencies are NOT allowing assignable contracts. They're getting stricter and stricter. Skip all the hunting and searching and we'll use mine.
4. Periodic VIP Group Mastermind/Training Sessions!

We do these periodic calls so that you will have access to Mark for real time deal evalutions and strategies; to brainstorm, share ideas, chit chat, tell success stories, help each other, etc. This is my inner inner circle.

The replays of these calls are available in a membership site.
Monthly ULTRA-Motivating And Instructional Apprenticeship Calls
Access To A Special Members-Only Website: Access To All Past Apprenticeship Calls On MP3!
Admission To Private Posts For Masterminding!
Unlimited “Ask The Expert” Question Submissions! Post Your Questions, And I Answer Them. Plain And Simple.
What you will learn: Everything. How to negotiate deals, what deals are good, what deals are bad, how to determine value, how to get things sold quickly, how to do things risk free, how to expedite closings, etc., etc.. How to BE THE BEST. By the end of 12 months you will know how to do what I do.

How much time it takes on a weekly basis? As much as you have to put into it. I started part-time while working another full-time job and then went full-time when I could afford to do so. I have other students who have done the same.

How much access you will have to me? Pretty much unlimited. Within reason. My experience has been that by offering unlimited access to me, you guys tend to not abuse it. You will have my private personal email that I check multiple times a day.

What work is involved on your part? At first the only thing you have to worry about is finding leads (motivated sellers). My book has plenty of information to get you started in this regard.

Finding leads, by the way, is the easy part. It's what to do with them that takes some learning.

Where will we get the money to buy houses? Our strategy focuses on the least expensive process , often with litte or no money down. If addtional funding is required, we have access to Rally West Capital.

Who is responsible for selling the properties? You are, under our guidance, utilizing my team of professionals. I will assist you in building a buyer's list with local marketing in the most effective manner possible.

Where will the closings be? My title company.

The Investment: There's a small investment up front and we split profits 50-50 for as long as you want to continue sending leads to us. Most wholesalers pay a marketing fee of $500 to $1000.  We have paid up to $20000 on some deals.

We are going to make absolutely sure your deals close, because YOUR deals are OUR deals! ... its a win-win situation!

So there you have it. No better way to get started in real estate -
Here is what a typical transaction will look like for you:

1. You get an incoming call from some of the inexpensive marketing that I've instructed you to do.
2. You will fill out a simple lead sheet that I have given you up front.

3. You tell the prospect, "Great. I'll look into this and get back to you right away."

4. You then email that lead sheet to me and I take it from there. How easy is that?

5. I then look at the deal, tell you what makes it good or bad, tell you what we need to offer or why we need to pass on it, help you write up the contract, and literally walk you through every step of the deal until we have sold it.

6. The title company will send or wire you your 50% of the deal directly to you.

We do enough of these deals and you will have made a LOT of money and learned an industry in the meantime.

I look forward to working with and help you realize success.

You need a coach, and you know it. Ask any successful real estate investor or wholesaler if they had a mentor and they will ALL tell you "yes." What does that say to you? Stop trying to beat the world on your own. 

All successful people have one thing in common. They act. They are quick to act and slow to change that decision. It's an investment in yourself that will pay dividends a thousand times over. You're worth it. Let's get started.

Mark Rosgen
Cal Ewing - In 2016, I made a commitment to taking my real estate investing business to a whole new level.  To
do this, I knew I needed to find a mentor who had actually achieved the results for themselves that I was looking for
in my business. By luck, I happened to meet Mark Rosgen at a local real estate investing club event. After a few
subsequent conversations over coffee, I learned that, unlike many real estate investing gurus out there, Mark has
been buying houses, and a lot of 'em, for well over a decade and he was willing to show me how he does it. At that
point, I knew I had found my mentor.
I have now been under Mark's tutelage for three months and in that short time, my business is already operating at
unprecedented levels. With Mark's help, I have quadrupled my real estate investing knowledge, and I am currently
in the process of buying 4 houses without any of my own money, in a city 2000 miles from where I live.  Up until
now, I knew what I wanted but didn't have a solid way of achieving my goals.  Now, with Mark's mentoring, I just
have to go out and make it happen!

James Howard - 0 deals, studied several years though to educate myself the best way possible and as much as I
could. I was a landlord, writing up the contracts , finding the tenants , did all repair work and or hired contractors to
complete work I couldn't , handled all money transactions , and anything else it took. We have already worked a
little bit together and I have already learned more then what I knew at the start from the short amount of time we
have spoke. You do what you say you will and have learned the Real Estate business from a major player making
you a major player. Your goals in life seem to be on the same track as mine and learning from you and your
company will make me a major player in the end it's a win win for us both.

Larissa B - Writing offers on houses that I didn’t have money for seemed crazy. I was worried I would lose my
deposit and couldn’t afford it, not alone carrying the monthly payments. This was one of the first things Mark
showed me how to overcome. We had put the house under contract and found a cash buyer in about a week. This
deal required no money down. If I did one deal a month for a year I could more than double my income. I love it.

Elroy Ziekle - I have paid for some high priced mentorships that had 3-4 day workshops and a number to call after
the fact if I needed help. It just wasn’t as helpful to put those deals together and sell them as I thought. I soon found
myself lost in the confusion, laws were changing so I stopped. I wanted to get started again but didn’t know where
to go. I seen Mark’s program “Learn While You Earn” and what I liked about his course is I make money when he
makes money. So he is with me from start to finish throughout each deal. He has a five year financial plan for me
to build a strong business and create wealth. I’m almost done my first year and had no idea that wealth could be
created this easy.

M. Richmond - I have spent years struggling to create deals through building a system. I think now, I may have
chased the wrong deals to long which killed a lot of time. But since working with Mark and knowing how to create
lead flow that always flows in. I can take the best deals to keep my income steady moving forward. For me, my
take away would be his system. A clean step by step, no matter if you are new or have been around a while, you
always need a system and this one is simple and it works.
What Others Are Saying!
Mark Rosgen
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